Traditional Lead Roofing

Lead Roofs


Traditionally, we will always use lead or zinc for new flashing's. In our opinion, nothing compares to a hand crafted, newly covered lead roof. All our leadwork is carried out in accordance with the Lead Association "Guide to Good Practice". Our Lead flashing's are all cut to size and welded to an exact fit, therefore eliminating the risk of premature splitting that may arise when inaccurately bossed. Take a look at the images below to see what can be achieved from starting with a flat sheet of lead.


We aim to provide you with a competitive but realistic quote. We don't confess to always being cheaper than our competitors but we are certain we can provide you with a service and after service second to none.


There is no one roof system that is appropriate for all circumstances. Owners needs vary from budgeting constraints to specific roof performance criteria. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation quote.